Wednesday, April 3, 2013

suffering soul by Mr. d.j.d.b

On the stairs i wept after the horrific sounds i heard kept me awake so scared and afraid to take a look at the aftermath blood stained carpets hand trail marks  along the hall way walls kitchens a mess the sceans are grotesque wishing i had left you days before my death the penalty for loving you with every breath i could in-hale so tell me how you murdered me now burning the house with our worldly possessions to many lessons from what i didn't learn raised alarms but none triggered a concern i hope in hell for eternity you suffer like i did at the whelms of your hands watching karma's plan knowing soon you will greet your fortune doom so i can be at peace and stop reliving the events that took place in that room...... here is the sort of thing i do 

suffering soul 
by mr d.j.d.b © 

  wondering through a lonly place 
by mr D.J.D.B 
Dazed and confused i wonder through the broken streets after being abused by society  feeling slightly under dressed as i stumble pass the only thing that could fix this mess would i make it in to the light an feel the freshness inhale a clean breath of air instead of this poison aroma that.s sent all the innocent in to comas watching the blind being guided by political corruption hearing no words to end this destruction violated the rights made by our four fathers anti publication is what drove us in to this apocalyptic future no proof of identification losing all form of male population animals present the new earths  creation manifestation i'm lost in this wasteland no sign of any human life so i  guess i'm next faced to re-debt this price borrowed when i jumped off a bridge wishing i never lived to regret the things i once did memories of an evil child growing up in the wild west i beg of you lord please forgive these stupid things i have done i confess it was me feeling numb crying in to the palm of my hands coming to terms while the emptiness burns as i try to withstand and out smart he.s plan but there is nothing more i can do hoping to start something new vanishing of in to the desert blue .......

In an English country garden grew a wild rose that brought eternal youth word got to the out side world. The villages started to search for proof looking in every crack and cranny lifting rocks and the roof of every shed bringing the aged before the were dead but this rose could only be found by the purest of pure if you should ever touch a leaf she would no for sure who.s good and who.s poisoned to the core . One day a girl so bright was playing in the English garden when she caught sight of the rose under the beauty of the sun her power shows her magic glows the little girl froze as she lent in to pick this rose but was startled as the redness turned black she tried her hardest but the rose wouldn't go back to growing clouds covered the village sky as judgement day was coming thunder rain being forced from the heavens above it was the English rose.s pain as she who came to pick the rose wasn't as pure as every one knows