Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Poem Writ While On The Treadmill

       G David Schwartz 

Dedicated to Ms Brittany Francs

Brittany is so pretty
And I did get a hug
I think then she and me
Could someday be in love
She is so attractive
Her smile
lights the day
And if she was mine
I’d never run away
She has a light lifting laugh
And a gorgeous smile
I would be so happy
To be with her a while
Her long black hair flows down her cheek
And I just love to hear her speak
For the sound makes me want to be
Oh brother is she married?

 I Didn't Want To Get Old
G David Schwartz

I didn't want to get old.
When I was a young sprout
Now I se its too late
I just don't  want to go out
Age us seems to me
Is an introduction to
Being in the grave yard
Not visiting any one new
And also not standing around
Something -something, something ground

 I Can Never Kiss You

     G David Schwartz

I can never kiss you
Not now, not in a while
Because I do not want to
Ever cover up that  smile

Welcome To Cancun

  G David Schwartz

Welcome to cancun
Like you flowered shirt
Just don't run around
or y'all fall dawn in the dirt

I'll Not Call Him A Salty Dog
  G David Schwartz
I'll not call him a salty dog
Although he has a tail
He is not I will not take

Not here, not anywheres