Monday, September 5, 2011

poetry by S.P. Flannery

Duct-tape Cure

Vinegar in a glass cup
is poured down my esophagus
to cleanse the stomach and intestines
of build-up, dross-like crud
coating smooth tissues, permeability
decreased until this acid
scours encrusted hamburger, fries,
doughnuts, junk food indigestible,
stripped of nutrients my
cells need to mine chemicals
used to construct proteins and energy,
fatigue I endure, a heaviness
that accompanies a diet unhealthy,
unconcerned with substance
rather filler, a place-holder
for when I shall awaken in
elder years to find a body
ransacked and infested with disease.

S.P. Flannery was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and now resides in
Madison. His poetry has appeared in Random Acts of Writing, Revival,
Bolts of Silk, Poetry Salzburg Review and The Blotter. More of his
work may be viewed at: .

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