Tuesday, September 6, 2011

poetry Garth von Buchholz

Garth von Buchholz
The Wedding
The wedding guests
tanned and tepid
ringed by falling children
will die as their grandparents died

(grey fingers curling under sullied sheets)
but tonight they dance
a crooked wooden two-step
slip the sweating floor-tiles
break balloons that must be broken
spill scotch that must be spilt

while I (childless child)
who may never feel daughter
stroke my deathbed brow

dance in drunken dervish delirium
wild-eyed and whirling, bestial, pale,
hemorrhaging, bloodshot,
rhythmically rapt

(dangerously sinful
talc powder pure )

as gestating eyes grow round at me
afraid their unborn
will be born

without legs.

Garth von Buchholz is a Canadian poet living on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He is also a book reviewer who is a member of the National Book Critics' Circle. Garth's last book of poetry, Mad Shadows, was published in 2010.

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